I love making things happen – turning thoughts into action. I want us to find clarity on the opportunities and challenges you bring. What’s stuck? What do you want to change? Most importantly, what do you want the end result to look like? I’m inspired by the future and what it could be – I want to energise others with their visions of the future. I also want you to leave each session with at least one actionable step.

Together we will create a dynamic and forward-focused partnership. I blend thoughtful exploration and personalised guidance so you can build future-oriented strategies and take prompt action. All whilst maintaining an unwavering focus on achieving both personal and professional aspirations.

I often work backwards from your visualised outcome, while also broadening that vision to include additional options and alternatives. A reverse roadmap with a variety of routes. This future-orientated element enhances the depth of our coaching work. In particular, I want to keep a lookout for any additional ways to bring value to your customers, and ensure you reap the full rewards of your work.

Integral to my coaching philosophy is the acknowledgment and appreciation of your uniqueness. I tailor my approach to accommodate your distinct strengths and challenges, fostering an environment that respects personal differences. This customisation ensures that the strategies we build together resonate with your individual needs.

I’m passionate about looking at each challenge from a variety of viewpoints. I strive to bring a diversity of approaches to the specific issues you present. At the same time I want you to have some space to take a breath and reflect. We can work on complex challenges together – analyse diverse perspectives and find insightful solutions.

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I enjoy establishing authentic connections with the leaders and entrepreneurs who join my coaching practice. I appreciate the opportunity to support people in achieving their goals and finding more satisfaction in their careers. We can explore how your personal strengths, desires and values could enrich your experience of work.

I’m mindful of how overloaded with information many people are. Clients are bombarded with content and ever-increasing complexity, while still being expected to improve results. Rather than asking them to absorb yet more instruction and advice, I like to emphasise that clients already know much more than they realise. Having some calm informal space to describe challenges in more detail can bring greater clarity, and allow us to spot patterns and themes. We can also use your ‘view from the inside’ and my external perspective to compare notes.

I’ve seen how clients can develop their resilience by staying true to their key motivations and staying in touch with their core needs. A commitment to continuous learning is also integral to my coaching philosophy. In times of difficulty, it makes all the difference if we can see how our roles are providing us with opportunities for learning and personal growth.

I’ve often supported people through the anxieties of a new role. This can include moving from management to leadership or launching a new enterprise. We can work on the need to step out of the more familiar aspects of your role, and to delegate old tasks to make space for new ones. We can also discuss how you might bring more of yourself to colleagues in a way that feels right for you.

Essentially, my coaching service is about fostering a collaborative and strategic partnership. Together, we can navigate the intricacies of leadership – at different times, thinking in terms of relationships, strategy or personal development.

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It all starts with an open conversation. Let’s begin to talk about how we could work together and you can move forward.

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