For us, growth is more than scaling operations and profits. It reflects our desire for creativity, development, and the fulfilment of aspiration. We also embrace anti-fragility - the understanding that uncertainty, difficulty, and challenge can strengthen and develop us.


Individuals working together is the single most effective strategy for growth. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Our commitment is to lead collaborative and supportive groups that offer you and your business what you need to move forward.


Quality makes a difference – the type of difference we care about. We bring competence, dependability, and professionalism to all our work with you. We are happiest when we know you have the best possible support to achieve your goals.

Our Story

The lockdowns changed everything for us. Life moved online, and hybrid working became a thing. Zoom become a verb! For us there were many advantages. At the same time, lockdown meant isolation, anxiety about an unknown future, new forms of complexity, and feeling cut-off from others.

We met in a Telegram Group for people wanting to understand the impact of these issues and what could be done to support those affected. Christian was led to the group by his interest in executive coaching; Neil by his interest in finding solutions to complex problems.

As we collaborated, we discovered a mutual interest in growth, entrepreneurship, and the emerging digital economy. The synergy of our different perspectives, experiences, and skills was powerful. We knew we wanted to help others benefit from what we were doing.

We created Respia to do just that. To help entrepreneurs overcome the inherent challenges of leading the way. To discover opportunity in complexity. To use the power of collaboration to succeed.

We’re on a mission to bring you the transformative power of collaboration. With an innovative methodology based on extensive research, we help you turn your individual and business challenges into your greatest opportunities and sources of development.Want to know more?

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