We carefully curate Respia groups of 5-7 peers, bringing together a wide range of skills and perspectives to support you and your business.

With members bringing knowledge and experiences from different industries, Respia groups provide you with fresh insights on the challenges and decisions you face.

All you need to do is bring yourself.

“I gained a ton of clarity on the business challenges I was facing through the group meetings and hearing the perspectives of others.” – Tom Lahdenranta.

Your group meets monthly for 2½ hours to share its knowledge. Together we tackle challenges, discuss problems, and develop best practice.

Respia handles all logistics and holds space for you to establish networks of support and trust that will not only transform your business now, but help sustain it in the future.

All our work is online via Zoom, allowing us to work with you wherever you are based.

“Initially I didn’t know what to expect. But with the expert support of Neil and Christian, we quickly became comfortable collaborating together as a group.” – James Gatheral.

When you want help and support for a particular challenge, you can choose to use the group as a team of advisers. Once you’ve shared your question or new project with the group, you can get the benefit of your colleagues’ multiple perspectives.

We support you to get the best results from consultations using Respia’s CaaS group process. CaaS is a share, learn, grow methodology designed with the modern professional in mind.

“The group has a structured approach that focuses on processes and finding creative ways to succeed.” – Jolana Feherova.

In addition to these meetings, you’ll receive one-to-one coaching sessions with Neil and Christian, helping you understand your current challenges, pain points, and objectives, and formulating a plan to get the best from your group on the issues that matter the most to you.

You receive coaching each month between group meetings to ensure you have the ongoing support you need.

“I learned how to best present myself and build a personal brand, how to transform the inspiring suggestions and great questions from the one-to-one coaching and group discussions into an actionable clear plan.” – Andreea Nicoleta Stefanescu.

Additional resources and materials also help group members put ideas into action. Respia provides tools and techniques for group members to use between meetings and share with their colleagues.

“My experience with Respia was overwhelmingly positive. It’s more than just a problem-solving platform, it’s a catalyst for personal and professional growth. Respia offers invaluable resources for entrepreneurs seeking success within an amazing community behind it.” – Michael Ruiz.

Respia CaaS Groups offer value on multiple levels:

  • Putting your unique vision, objectives, opportunities, and challenges at the centre of the process, the CaaS methodology harnesses the power of collaboration to achieve your goals.

  • Generating new information, insights, and ideas. Helping you identify actionable development opportunities, improving the quality and speed of decision-making.

  • Your business will grow from the ongoing expert support, connecting with other professionals, and learning from shared experiences.

  • Collaborating with fellow members enhances existing skills as well as providing valuable insights and fresh perspectives. A CaaS group will help you generate fresh thinking and solve problems more effectively.

  • Groups are confidential, private, and collaborative. They provide you with a space for you to freely discuss your business, gain insights, solve problems, and receive feedback. Meeting the same people regularly helps build trusting relationships and fosters increasingly effective collaboration.

What else do I get from Respia?

As well as monthly groups, members get monthly one-to-one coaching with Neil and Christian, to make further use of the benefit the groups provide.

In between meetings, members have the option to continue collaborating using a secure online messaging platform. Your Respia group can discuss questions, share ideas, and benefit from support on an ongoing basis.

Respia can provide bespoke interventions to meet your changing needs. In times of challenge and demand you may want additional individualised support. This can include additional one-to-one coaching, two-to-one consultancy, training sessions, and supported referrals within our network.

Our coaching

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